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Three of us (a 15 year old and 2 adults) sat down for half an hour and generated a bunch of what we felt are important questions about drugs in our world. It was just brainstorming - any question was OK. Many of these questions can of course be broken down further.
Soon, another 15 year old started working on this topic and came up with more questions.

Together, these two students are gradually answering questions as they know best now.
They are honest

(Hi)story of drugs

What is a drug?
A chemical with a reaction of some kind on the body. You can either smoke it, ingest it, put it on your tongue, inject it, snort it, get it in any way into your body.

What are the most common drugs?
Weed, gear (speed, crack), alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs (valium, cerecals, dexies, phenergan ...) - that's around area here. Outside of Perth people inject more stuff like heroin, smoke crack.

What age groups are the highest users of drugs?
I think 14 to 18 because they stop when they turn 18. Most people do stop when they hit 18 but then some go on the harder drugs.

Why people take drugs?
Because of their lives they hate to escape from (when you are high you don't think about nothing), the way they were brought up (if their family smokes they are more likely to smoke themselves), history in their life, to be accepted in a group (but I tell people not to do it because of it!).

Why do people like drugs?
Because it's like cigarettes - if you can handle it you can just keep going. People who can't handle it usually stop. Drugs taste good and make you feel good. For other people it's feeling of getting high, to me it's just feeling good, it's different in a way.

Where do drugs originate from?
The governments, they are the ones who get the scientists to make chemicals.

Who used drugs first?
I don't know, you can't really know who invented them. I think they were actually discovered not invented first.

How did people create or find out drugs?
They just found something new and interesting so they thought they'd share it with the whole world.

What if drugs were never invented?
World would not be civilised. People need drugs to live. It would like the morning train where all people just stare and sit silently, not a single word gets spoken, it's like a ghost train.

How do people start using drugs?
In my experience, they start with cigarettes, then cones, then some of them go to hard stuff like crack and acid trips.

What are the differences between pot in the 60s and now?
THC is responsible for giving you the high, while CBD is calming, which would explain the lovey dovey way of the people in the 60's having that calm,
far-out demeanor. Now with the THC intact yet the CBD lowered people are getting the high, which is leading to a more manic kind of state of mind.

How do other cultures view drugs? (Historically too)
people that do drugs dont really care because they do it but if they dont they will constantly
diss bud because they dont do it they never have n probly never will but once
they try it its a totally different story because they start to like it n then they prayse it up..

How do other cultures use drugs?
use a bong rollie papers for joints eat it and get body stoned n pipes

How does our socio-economic class affect our view of drugs and drug use?
Warloe admitted that he would abuse drugs on the weekends, because he felt lonesome as a Member of Parliament (MP).
Warloe is from Bergen, but had to move to Oslo when he was elected to Parliament (Sortinget) in 2009.

Where do we see drugs in our daily lives?

What are the most important drugs for saving lives? [IS]
Are there 'cool' drugs? (MM)
What's/Who are involved in creating/inventing drugs? (MM)
When do drugs start to become 'appealing' to people? Is it age related or state of mind? (MM)
What are people really asking when they say, "what is your drug?"" (MM)

Who would use drugs more male or female?B
Although there was talk years ago of a pink pill for women to parallel the blue Viagra for men, early clinical trials found essentially no response in women

Male. Because men can handle drugs better than females.

How much people in in Perth take drugs? B
1.2 million, the whole population. Everyone takes things like Panadol or drink alcohol. Drugs are mostly legal not illegal.

Do prescribed drugs affect more people than not prescribed?B
Yes. Depends what MG (miligrams) it contains.

What is the fastest killing drug? B
PMM - the death drug. //Paromomycin// ?? (probably not it...).

What drugs are the biggest killers? B
Alcohol and tobacco (find a reference for this to confirm)

What country/town has the most drug? B
Amsterdam. Because it's legal.

What if we had a drug with no side effects or addiction?B
It would be pretty bad, everyone would just be too happy. I wouldn't like that because there's no effect.

Why do you go to jail for drugs? B

Can you overdose from marijuana?B
What is the strongest drug with strongest effect?B
Why do people hate drugs?B
Why are drugs the most popular thing?B
What affects the price of a drug?B
Why do most teenagers smoke more than adults?B
What were the drugs in traditional Aboriginal societies?B

Legality of drugs

Where do you go to get drugs?
How much does drug use cost?
Who makes the most money out of drugs?

Why make some drugs illegal and not others?
Because illegal drugs are stronger
Government making lots of money out of it
Different effects on health and people

Is it OK to take drugs if it stops you from doing bad/worse things?

Why is marijuana legal to some people and places and not others?
What if all drugs were legal?
What if we made drugs available to young kids?
What if we had a legal drug that would keep us happy and have no side effects?
What if all drugs were legal?
How does the government define and regulate what is sold in supermarkets as agains chemists? (MM)
Why are drugs illegal?B
What is addiction?
Which are the most addictive drugs?
If you had an addictive gene how would you deal with it?
If could choose only addiction, what would it be?
If you had to choose two between alcohol and marijuana: which one would you choose and why?
If you had to choose two between tobacco and marijuana: which one would you choose and why?
If you had to choose two between alcohol and tobacco: which one would you choose and why?
If you had to choose two between crack and marijuana: which one would you choose and why?
If you had to choose two between heroin and marijuana: which one would you choose and why?
How do you stop an addiction?
Are all addicts viewed the same way - drug addicts, alcoholics, gambling addicts, etc? (MM)
Why do people prefer marijuana over drinking?B
Does rehab really work?B
Why are some drugs legal in some countries and not in others?B
Why are pills and alcohol a bad mix?

Effects of drugs
What are the physical and mental effects of drugs?
What are different effects on different age groups?
What causes the high?
What causes the chemicals to affect you?
When is the worst time to take drugs?
When is it OK to take drugs?
Who gets affected by drugs?
How many people die each year from taking drugs (world, Australia, WA)?
Where do you go to get help with drug addiction?
Why drugs kill?
Can you naturally give up an addiction?
Is there something natural that gives you a high but isn't bad for you?
What is the hardest thing about drugs?
What is the best thing about drugs?
What is the worst thing about drugs?
What drugs cause the most deaths (world, Australia, WA)?
Why do some people don't die from lots of drug use and some die from far less?
What are the longterm effects of marijuana use?
What are the long term effects of drug use?
What is the difference between difference of getting drugs into you (smoke, inject, eat ...)?
Aren't drugs life-saving? [IS]
Don't all drugs have "good" and "bad" possible effects? (does nicotine smooth moods? have people died from penicillin?) [IS]
Is moderation in drug use possible, desirable?
Ever watch a little kid spin around until they get dizzy? Is the desire to "get high" innate? [IS]
What other animals use drugs? [IS]
Why are drugs an essential part of palliative care? (MM)
Are complications always due to drugs per se or how they are consumed/ingested? (MM)
Who uses drugs more - Noongars or wadjelas? B
Who handles drugs better males or females?B
What are good sources of info about drugs?B
How much can a brain and body handle?B
Who gets affected by drugs?B